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WordPress Hack Repair Features

Clean the Infection

We find every trace of malicious code and remove it.

Forensic Analysis

We discover how your site was hacked to prevent it from happening again.

Blacklist Removal

Your customers can find you on Google and other search engines by getting off blacklists.

SuperGuard WordPress Protection Features

First month free. $74 per month thereafter (optional).

  • WordPress core updates
    Never worry about an update breaking your site again. We handle updates and fix any issues that pop up.
  • Plugin updates
    We update your plugins and keep our eyes out for conflicts and resolve them.
  • Theme updates
    We handle all theme updates and resolve any conflicts that may break your site.
  • Weekly malware scans
    We scan your site for possible security issues.
  • Website firewall
    Block malicious attempts at hacking your site.
  • Security monitoring
    We keep an eye on any security events and handle them as they arise.
  • Weekly secure cloud backups
    Backup all WordPress files and databases and store them on reliable and secure cloud servers.
  • Daily file integrity check
    We monitor WordPress core, plugin & theme files for unauthorized changes and handle any issues.
  • Brute force attack prevention
    Block attackers from trying to login to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Hack-free guarantee
    In the unlikely event another hack occurs, we take care of it at no cost.
  • Monthly reporting
    Detailed reporting of backups and security events.

WordPress Hack Repair & Prevention

Fix my site now
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How It Works

  1. Complete the order form. Enter your website and payment information. We encrypt all confidential information.
  2. Repair and harden your hacked WordPress website. We remove every trace of the hack and take steps to help prevent it from happening again. Most repairs are complete in 2 business days, many are complete the same day.
  3. Receive notification. We send you notification when the hack is repaired.
  4. Blacklist removal. We work with several blacklist reporting entities, including Google, to ensure that your customers can find you in search engines.

Who We Are

We're your trusted partner for hacked website repair with 20 years of advanced web development, security, and networking experience.

Having earned several of the industry's top certifications, we have the qualifications and expertise to fix and protect your hacked WordPress website.

  • Zend Certified Engineer
  • Linux+ Certified
  • Network+ Certified
  • I-Net+ Certified
  • W3 Schools Certified
  • Java Certified Programmer