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Working with Larry and Superiocity has been fantastic. I feel bad for whoever I have to work with on any other marketing material because the bar has been set so high. I came to Superiocity for help with our web page and they went far above and beyond on what I was asking for, Larry researched the industry and provided tips that I had never considered. I recently asked for help with adding something to my site and they again went above and beyond making recommendations and researching for me whether or not the phrase I wanted to use had been Trademarked or not and further told me how to Trademark it and even did it for me!

My business has had 3 web pages before the one that Superiocity helped us with and this is the first one that actually generates new clients for my business from people who found us online or just stumbled across our page.

Furthermore, it’s refreshing to get excellent communication and above that, professional communication. I don’t ever look at the phone and wish it wasn’t Superiority calling. I welcome it!

Alex Dean
Dean Insurance Group

It was a pleasure working with Larry at Superiocity on our recent web design project for our golf course staffing company. He really takes the time to listen and understand business needs and the target audience before diving into the design aspect. This really shines through in the final product. I highly recommend Larry Kagan for any business or individual that’s looking to embark on a new web project!

Christopher Brown
Tee Off Temps
Superiocity did a great job with CVC Hospitality’s website, from concept through full development. Larry was easy to work with and clearly explained each step of the process. Our site now has functionality over various platforms and we have received positive responses from our customers.

JJ Horvath
Director of Marketing
CVC Hospitality

Sometimes when you are presenting your organization on a web page, you come to a point where you just need some professional help. Superiocity stepped in to assist us with finalizing a web project. As a growing brand in an industry that is small to begin with, you need someone that can quickly and confidently address issues that, for most of us, are too complex. Superiocity managed the migration of our users to a new website, on top of that, they addressed a very sensitive RSS feed issue that was key to a successful transfer. Superiocity also over-saw the relocation of our web project to our existing URL, resulting in a timely and seamless swap for our users.

When you start dealing with unknowns, a true professional instills confidence and takes the stress out of an otherwise stressful situation. Also I was very impressed with the level of communication during this process, I was kept informed of every step of progress made. I truly believe that any organization that is in need of web support or development will benefit from Superiocity’s service.

It’s simple really, if you want great customer service, knowledgeable professionalism, and seamless, stress-free web based development: your search is over, Superiocity is it!

Audio testimonial from the RC Heli Nation Podcast 
Click here for the full podcast (episode 61)
Daniel K. Reed
RC Heli Nation LLC.
Larry Kagan of Superiocity has been the single most concise and effective web developer I have ever hired. He really lives up to the company name. He has done two major jobs for me. The first was a bug my website caught through a third party plugin. It displayed some rather undesirable text on my site. Within days he had my site clean and secure again. What a relief! The second was a mobile optimization. I told him that I wanted the site to be optimized but still have the same look and feel. He delivered with flying colors. Minus one picture that had to be swapped, my 80 page site was optimized and felt the same, and it was done in about a month. With anyone else the job would have dragged on and on and I would have had to supervise the whole deal. Not with Larry. Highly Professional. Highly Recommended.

William James
Dreamland Safari Tours
Couldn’t be happier with our new website! Larry has a great eye for design, and came up with a site that was exactly the look and feel we were searching for. Plus he was able to independently create a lot of the content, which saved me a lot of time. Very satisfied customer here!

Cris Trebbi
The Experts
Larry with Superiocity has created a beautiful and user friendly site for our current and prospective members to use. Larry understood that the website would become our primary driver for memberships so prior to our launch, Larry was able to create a fully custom “place card” site that allowed members to join our club while we waiting on the finished product.

During the development process, Larry touched base at every corner. Kept us aware of where he was in the project and asked opinions even while putting them together. His customer service and communication is nothing less than exceptional. Emails, phone calls and texts were answered almost immediately.

Once we saw the finished product we were extremely pleased. The integration with our event calender was way more than we expected. The ease of use is exactly what we need; and the immediate feedback received from our members is confirmation we chose the right guy for the job.

David Saffer
Ft. Lauderdale Triathletes
My experience with Superiocity, Inc. was phenomenal.  I never thought migrating my website to a different server would be so quick and stress-free!  Larry constantly updated me during the process, and has continued to show his dedication and professionalism after everything was completed. Words can not express how satisfied I am with the quality of work I have received. I will never trust anyone else to maintain my website and would recommend Superiocity to anyone looking for the very best in web development!

Agata Kowalczyk
US Passport Online
Superiocity was just the partner we needed to help us implement a database management system for one of our B2B web sites. Larry was forthcoming with advice to help address our needs and provided us with a solution that was both secure and within budget. The level of service we received was outstanding. It’s not often you come across a partner that is so attentive, easily accessible and genuinely interested in the work being provided and the quality of service delivered. Larry exceeded expectations on all accounts and we’d be certain to recommend Superiocity as a web-development firm.

Kylie James
Account Manager
Spark* Creative Group
In working with Superiocity for over a year, they have successfully tackled numerous programming projects relating to our organization’s proprietary event management software. Through ongoing and regular communication, we’ve been able to meet and exceed deadlines and consistently stay within budget on projects. The team at Superiocity has a clear grasp of our corporation’s vision, both in our short- and long-term goals. This mutual understanding is vital to the success of our programs. With an exceptional level of client service, Superiocity approaches each project with a fresh perspective, positive attitude and an abundance of creativity and new ideas!

Kelly Cabitt
Vice President, Internal Operations
American Meetings, Inc.
Larry/Superiocity has been an invaluable resource. He is professional, efficient and highly skilled in his craft of web development. Larry was attentive to detail, and was dedicated to delivering a great product even during times of sickness and insufficient direction. He appropriately advised where and when needed, and was able to interpret our client needs quickly; saving us time and money. There is significant contrast between Superiocity and our previously contracted developers. What took them about a year and a half, Larry was able to rebuild more effectively in 3 months. We are most appreciative of Larry and hope to work with him for a long time.

Curtis Page
Antidoht, Inc.
Superiocity has been instrumental in our web design and management for the last year and a half. I have had issues in the past with web design companies’ timeliness and results and that is why I made the change to Superiocity. They have been a pleasure to work with and the level of skill has been second to none. They have built one of my websites from scratch, made changes to another one of my websites and have implemented an easy to use content manager. In addition, whenever I need some changes or updates, they expedite the task every time. I highly recommend their services for any web-based needs.

Dr. Kevin Christie
Health-Fit Chiropractic & Sports Medicine, Inc.
After waiting seven months for our last contractor to build an internal order processing system, we simply couldn’t wait any longer. We approached Larry from Superiocity and handed the project over to him. He was thorough in gathering all our specifications and requirements for the software. I simply couldn’t believe it when a week later he said the project was complete… oh, and they rebuilt it from the ground up! The application was visually appealing and rock solid.

If I would have acquired the services of Superiocity from the start, we would have saved thousands of dollars.

Riccardo Roscetti
Executive Vice President
KRS Global Biotechnology
… [after a catastrophic failure of our old server] the new server was available on Saturday morning for Superiocity to start working on it. It took them less than 36 hours to have my sites available again, time in which they not only moved all three of my websites and software to a new server but also configured the operating system, fixed lots of issues that arise from moving old PHP 4 code to a server running the latest version of Ubuntu Linux and PHP 5, as well as setting up other software I needed for the proper function of my sites like Java and Tomcat.

We were in constant contact during this process by email and phone. They were constantly updating me of the progress they were achieving, telling me an approximate percentage of the process that was successfully achieved, they even contacted the developers of some of the software my sites run to accomplish full functionality of the websites in the shortest time possible.

Superiocity exceeded my expectations. Not only were my sites back in business in record time but they also secured the server, or may I say “armored” the server to a point in which there are no known vulnerabilities. They also instructed my developers on how to work in a secure environment and always kept a very professional communication not only with me but with my developers too.

Assigning Superiocity the job of moving my sites to a new server, secure it and do it all in the shortest time possible was by far the best decision. It gives me peace of mind to know that if I ever run into any trouble again, Superiocity is only one call away.

I spent months searching and interviewing numerous web designers. After speaking with Larry from Superiocity, who was referred by a friend, I realized Larry had the solution I was looking for. After sitting down with Larry and discussing my vision, I was presented with a proposal that not only fit my budget but fit my time frame as well. Larry walked me through the whole process from start to finish. His attention to detail is impeccable. My website has received great feedback from my customers and I would recommend Larry to any small business looking for a great web developer.

Jared Varela
Foreign Affairs Motorsports
I had been working with another contractor on a back-end database for a home automation project, and after 6 months was unable to get anything useful from him. I contacted Larry at Superiocity and within two hours had a functional prototype, complete with sample PHP scripts! Needless to say I was extremely impressed and would highly recommend Superiocity to anyone looking for fast and accurate project development.

David Hoy

Thank you Superiocity!

Knowledgeable, Professional, Prompt, and always delivers as promised! How many businesses can you say that about? Larry has always been responsive when called on, he has provided us with the support and service we needed when we needed it. Larry’s professionalism is reflected from the initial proposal to the project’s completion, at a competitive rate. I’m completely satisfied. We continue to use Superiocity for internet support and I would recommend them to any business seeking Superiocity’s multiple internet/multimedia related services.

Sharon S. Shortt
Sand Francisco Puffs & Stuff, Inc.