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Three Reasons You Might Want to Hire a Copywriter For Your Company Website

Hiring a copywriter to write the content on your website might seem like an expensive proposition, but given the right circumstances, it’s a decision that may quickly pay off in the long run. A good copywriter isn’t cheap, but he or she can potentially generate more in revenue than you paid to have the content written. Not all businesses will benefit from a copywriter though, and you may only want to hire one to write a single page or single sales email. That’s why we’re looking at some of the reasons you might want to consider hiring a copywriter, not reasons why you should hire one.

1. If Your Time is Worth More Than What a Copywriter is Charging

Let’s say you run your own business and you believe that every hour of your time is worth roughly $100. If you think that you’re going to end up spending 10 hours writing content for several pages of your website, that’s $1,000. If you can find a good copywriter who will do the same work for $800 then you’ve just saved $200. Not only that, but a professional copywriter will probably do a better job writing the content then you would have. You’re skilled at running a business, and they’re skilled at writing copy that converts.

2. If You Have a Squeeze Page Which Isn’t Converting Well

You may be spending thousands of dollars every month on advertising, sending people to a squeeze page on your website that isn’t converting as well as you might like. If that’s the case then you’re throwing money away on advertising, because you’re squeeze page simply isn’t up to par. This is another situation where it might pay to have a professional copywriter redo the content on the page. Even if you end up paying $5,000 upfront, you only need to make so many more conversions before you’ve made that money back, and then you start turning a profit.

On top of getting more conversions right off the bat, the great thing about an awesome squeeze page is that once you have it, you’ll only need to make superficial changes to it. Some businesses use the same squeeze page for years on end without seeing a significant drop in conversions.

3. You’re Unure How to Emotionally Appeal to Your Customer

When people buy a product they don’t always do it because of facts and figures.  Sometimes they buy based on how they feel about it. That’s why it’s crucial to appeal to emotions in your copy. This takes time to learn and unless you’ve been writing for years, it’s not something that usually comes naturally. When you hire a professional copywriter, you won’t have to worry about that. He or she will take the time to get to know your target audience, figure out what motivates them, and then use that emotional appeal in the copy. This is a crucial part of writing effective copy, and the results you’ll see will almost always justify the price of hiring a copywriter.

Reasons Why You Might Not Need a Copywriter

As we’ve already mentioned hiring a professional copywriter isn’t a smart move for every business owner. For example, if you have a website and it’s already doing an excellent job of bringing in leads and making conversions then you probably don’t need to change anything. You’ve stumbled upon something that works and there’s no reason to try to mess with it.

If your business is primarily focused with selling graphic or video based work, you might not need a copywriter if you’re letting those graphic elements sell your product. However, if any of the top three criteria apply to you then you may want to strongly consider seeing how a copywriter could improve your website and bring in more sales. Finally, to improve the layout of your website itself, talk to Superiocity to find out what improvements can be made. We’re a Florida based web design firm and we have years of experience helping businesses improve their websites. Don’t wait, contact us today!