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How to Optimize Your Company’s Website

optimize website design

It’s essential to optimize your website, no matter what industry you’re in. Your website can be a powerful tool for making sales and generating leads, and having a fully optimized website can go a long way towards growing your bottom line. We’re not just talking about optimizing your website for a mobile platform either. Your… read more

5 Great Plugins to Help You Grow Your Email List

email mailing list

Email remains the most effective way to reach out to potential customers, and to upsell more products to existing ones. Research has shown that more than one third of people check their email throughout the day, often several times an hour. Even among those people who check it less frequently, a majority look at their… read more

10 Mistakes Businesses Make With Their Landing Page

landing page mistakes

A landing page is the best way to capture a potential customer’s attention and get them to convert. Whether that conversion is making a sale or getting an email address, a landing page is the tool that you use to do it. The page states your offer, talks about the benefits that your business offers,… read more

How to Write Effective Local SEO Content

local seo

Writing local SEO content can be difficult. You need to write articles that boost your rank on Google, and are informative and interesting for readers. The two don’t always go together and getting it right can prove tricky. This is especially true when you’re writing content designed to appeal to people in your area. It… read more

5 Benefits of Using WordPress to Power Your Business Website

wordpress benefits

WordPress is so much more than just a blogging platform. In reality, it’s actually a powerful tool that gives users with minimal technical skills the ability to create attractive, highly functional websites. You may be surprised by just how many websites are powered by WordPress.  Many business owners are creating WordPress websites today, and here’s why…. read more