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How Facebook Advertising Can Benefit Your Business

Facebook advertising

While most small business owners already know about the benefits of using PPC and SEO advertising, you may be less familiar with the benefits that Facebook advertising can offer your business. That’s because it’s typically less understood by many people. The barrier to advertising on it successfully may seem high. While there may be some… read more

Three Reasons You Might Want to Hire a Copywriter For Your Company Website

hire copywriter

Hiring a copywriter to write the content on your website might seem like an expensive proposition, but given the right circumstances, it’s a decision that may quickly pay off in the long run. A good copywriter isn’t cheap, but he or she can potentially generate more in revenue than you paid to have the content… read more

How to Create a Successful Social Media Campaign (Part 2)

social media campaign

In the last article we talked about picking the best social media platform for your business, how to figure out your goals for your campaign, and what tasks you should work on in order to achieve your goals. That content should give you a solid grounding in social media and help you get started with… read more

How to Create a Successful Social Media Campaign (Part 1)

social media campaign

Social media is an awesome way to build brand awareness and to generate free traffic to your website. A properly maintained social media profile can bring in new customers, keep existing customers in the loop about new products or services that your business is offering, and draw a lot of hype around your brand. All… read more

Three Ways Small Business Owners Can Use Split Testing

split testing

Every small business owner with a website can benefit from using split testing, also called ‘A/B’ testing. It’s an easy way to quickly and efficiently find out what works and what doesn’t. Furthermore, it will also allow you to tweak your content for maximum effectiveness. There’s no doubt about it, split testing is something that… read more