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5 Things to Keep in Mind When Updating Your Website

Updating your website can be a major decision to make. It could potentially mean spending thousands of dollars and dozens of hours on the phone with a web design company trying to get it just right. While this might not sound like the best use of your time, there are certainly times when you will need to update your site. However, before you make this bold move, keep these five ideas in mind.

1. Make Sure That Crucial Information is Updated

Sometimes it might not be necessary to update your entire website. Instead, you might simply need to update some of the most common information that people are searching for. Usually this includes things like your telephone number, fax number, email address, hours of operation, and physical address. If any of these things have changed, then it’s time to do a quick tweak to your website, not a full blown update.

2. Ensure That Your Mobile Design is On Point

If your website is not responsive then it’s definitely time to do a full update. Mobile sales are growing at a surprising rate, and if your website doesn’t look good on a smartphone or tablet then it’s definitely time to rethink your website. Fortunately, Superiocity can help you to create a responsive website without totally changing your original look. For example, we took Exotech’s website, left the original look intact, and made it look professional on mobile platforms.

3. Keep in Mind Customer Feedback

As you redesign your website, you should absolutely keep customer recommendations in mind. You can implement changes slowly and respond to customer’s feedback in real time. After all, your clients are your most valuable asset and it only makes sense to listen to what they have to say.

4. You Don’t Have to Make Changes too Often

Some small business owners mistakenly believe that they need to be updating their website every couple of months. In most cases this is simply not necessary. As long as you have a solid website design, and it’s responsive, you should really only worry about small changes from time to time. The exception to this is your blog. If you keep a blog for SEO purposes then you should be updating it regularly, which most experts agree is at least once a week, if not even more often.

5. If You Don’t Think a Change Will Improve a User’s Experience, Don’t do It

Sometimes it can be tempting to make a change just because you think it will look cool, or because you saw it on another website and want to copy it. Unless this change fits into your ultimate strategy, it’s probably not a good idea. Just like you wouldn’t change a light bulb if it’s still working fine, you shouldn’t change your website unless there is an actual problem that needs to be addressed.

If that is the case though, Superiocity is standing by to help! We can help you update your website for 2016, and create something really special that will stick in consumers minds long after they have left your page. To find out more about our services and our on time and on budget guarantee, contact us today