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Five Tips to Business Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best way to increase organic traffic (free traffic) to your website. In the long run it will mean paying less for advertising and gaining a more consistent following of dedicated customers. SEO takes time and a well thought out approach though. To get you started, here are five ways that you can optimize your business’s website today.

1. Target Keywords

Using the correct keywords on your website is a critical part of creating a successful SEO campaign. Once you know who your ideal client is, then you need to find out what keywords to use to get them to visit your site. Tools like Google’s Keyword Planner can be especially helpful for this. If you’re unsure how about how to do keyword research or how to implement the keywords correctly into your website, you may want to considering hiring an SEO professional.

2. Cross-link Relevant Content

A proven way to increase the amount of organic traffic that your site receives is to cross-link between relevant content. In other words, use links to connect similar products. Amazon does a fantastic job of this. Go to any product page and you’ll find a section which shows what other items people view and buy. This is an example of cross-linked content

If you have a small website you may be able to do this manually. This will be an especially viable strategy if you start cross-linking from the start and thus build it gradually over time. If you have a larger website, or don’t want to be bothered with it, you can hire a web developer to do it for you.

3. Use Anchor Text Correctly

A mistake that many people make is to write anchor text that doesn’t grab your attention. Some examples include: “click here” or “more”. This is a mistake. It’s better to anchor your texting using a description that matches the page you’re linking to. Here’s a quick quiz, which is better?

  1. To learn more about using anchor text correctly, click here.
  2. To learn more about using anchor text correctly read: Anchor Text: The Epic Guide by GotchSEO.

If you picked B, you got it! Make sure when you’re linking to content both internal and external, that you use engaging anchor text that relates to the page being linked too.

4. Use Breadcrumb Navigation

Breadcrumbs are a way to help the user see where he or she is in the site hierarchy. These can be especially useful on larger websites, with multiple sections. They allow for quicker navigation and and a better user experience. Not only that, but they’re also keyword rich. Google can pick up on that, which can help to boost your search ratings.

5. Minimize Link Depth

Link depth is a measurement of how far away any given page is from the home page. That is, how many clicks does it take a user to get from the home page to this new page? Ideally it should be as few as possible. The farther a page is away from the homepage, the less likely a user is to find it, and the less likely Google is to index it.

You want your site to be as flat as possible. A user should be able to easily reach any page in less than five clicks, while three clicks is an even better number. To learn more about minimizing the link depth on your website and about how it affects your site’s SEO performance, read Best Practices for SEO by WebSEO Analytics.

Finally, having a well designed website is an important part of SEO optimization. SEO is a great way to generate traffic, but if users get to your site and don’t like what they see, they’ll quickly leave before you ever get the chance to make the sale. To learn more about how you can improve your business’s website, contact Superiocity today! We’re a Florida based web design company and we’re ready to help you create a fantastic website for your business, on time and on budget. That’s a guarantee.  


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