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Why Local SEO is Important to Your Business

Although we already talked about what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is in an earlier article, it will be useful to give it a one minute rundown before getting into the specifics of local SEO. SEO is a strategy that can be used to increase your rank in the search engine results. For example, a company with a good SEO strategy may appear at the fourth place on the first page for a Google search. Think about how much more likely you are to click on their website then you are if that same site appears on the seventh page. That’s why SEO is so important. It’s a way for you to organically gain more customers.

How SEO Can Benefit Your Business

SEO can benefit your business because it’s cheap compared to other forms of traditional advertising. The only real expense is paying a firm to optimize your website for the search engines, and then write articles for you. The great thing about these articles is that they can continue to draw traffic to your site months, and even years after you’ve written them. That’s an advantage that you’ll never find with traditional advertising.

Why is Local SEO So Important?

You may be wondering what local SEO is and why it’s so important. Well it’s pretty simple really. Local SEO is a way of getting discovered by customers who are in your area and are interested in buying a product. You’ve probably noticed these local results in Google. For example, if you search “Miami Pizza” you’ll see the regular results, along with several businesses listed off to the right side. If you can manage to get your business listed among these local results, you’ll be likely to enjoy a large increase in sales and your bottom line.

How Can You Improve Your Local SEO?

Improving your local SEO ranking is best done with the help of a professional SEO firm. However, your website design is also very important. Google indexes trillions of site pages every single day, and if your website is hard to read, Google may choose to ignore it. That’s where Superiocity can help. We can help to optimize your website so that it’s SEO compatible, and more likely to get discovered by Google and its search algorithm. True, there is an upfront expense. However, the upside is that you stand to gain a huge chunk of new customers if you can get your business located in the local results.

What’s a Landing Page and Why Does it Matter?

The final thing you should worry about is your landing page. This is the page that people see after they’ve clicked a link onto your website. A good landing page can convert a potential customer into a paying client. A poor landing page can cause someone to click off your page in less than five seconds. Let Superiocity take a look at your landing page and see if there are any improvements that can be made. The difference between a good landing page can be day and night, just like the difference between listing on the local SEO results can be day and night.

Local SEO results can be a lifesaver for your business, and if done correctly, you can get listed here at a minimum expense. Are you ready to take your sales to the next level?


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